New Rectangulars 1878-1894

The tables are in a state of continual, if slow, amendment, which includes unannounced reassignments of the tag-numbers. After April 1881 or so, all printing was done at Srinagar, noticed by repairs to the plate, which are labelled State II or higher.

Unless otherwise specified, the stamps are assumed imperforate and printed in ink. A Gibbons number usually represents a catch-all bin for the many shade and paper types we have not yet formally differentiated. Don’t forget to season this page well with grains of salt, especially as to dating.

By Printing Implement
M001878perfed ½a black watercolor, bluish woveunique
M01May 1878perfed ½a red, thin bluish wove (used)attested?
M02May 1878perfed ½a “red”, laidscarce
—02a20 May 1878 —earliest attestation? Pair on coverunique
M03May 1878perfed ½a brown-red, thick laidscarce
—03aMay 1878 —as above in full sheet (Tapling)unique?
M04Jul 1878perfed ½a red, thin woveRef. SM
M051878perfed ½a red, blue-tinted laidscarce
M06Aug 1878perfed ½a red shades, laidSG102
—06a1878perfed ½a deep scarlet, laidscarce
M071878?perfed ½a red shades, medium woveSG117
M08Aug 1878perfed ½a slate-violet, laidSG104
—08aAug 1878 —as above in full sheet~4 known
M09Aug 1878perfed ½a black, laidSGO1
—09a1 Sep 1878 —one of two cover attestationsSM plate 34
—09b25 Oct 1878 —one of two cover attestationsSM plate 34
M101879perfed ½a red, thin wove (cf. M01)SG124
M11Aug 78-Mar 81½a red shades, laidSG113
M12Aug 78-Dec 78½a slate-violet, laidSG105
M13Aug 78-Mar 81½a black, laidSGO2
M14Aug 78-Feb 79½a violet, laidscarce
M151878-79½a slate-lilac, laidscarce
M161878-79½a deep violet, laidscarce
M171878-79½a indigo, laidscarce
M181878-79½a greyish-blue, laidscarce
M191878-79½a dull blue, laidscarce
M201878-79½a slate-blue water?, laidexistent?
M211878½a dull vermilion, laidcommon
M22Dec 1878½a brown-red, thick vertical laidscarce
M23May-Oct 1879½a dull vermilion, thick woveSG121
M24Jun? 79-Mar 81½a reds, medium woveSG118
M251879½a dull scarlet, medium wovescarce
M261879½a dull vermilion, medium wovescarce
M271879-Apr 81½a reds, thin wove (I)with SG126
M281879-Apr 81½a black, thin woves (I)with SGO7
M30>Apr 1881½a reds, thin wove (II)SG126
M31>Apr 1881½a black, thin toned woves (II)SGO7
M32>Apr 1881½a black, coarse yellow wove (II)common
M331881½a brown-red, thin toned wove (II)common
M341881perfed ½a yellowish-rose, wove (II)SG130b
M351881½a yellowish-rose, thin wove (II)rare
M36Apr 81-Mar 83½a dull orange, thin brittle wovescarce
M371881½a orange, thin woveSG132
M381881½a dull red-orange, thin grey-toned wovecommon
M39Apr 1883½a rose, thin woveSG146
M401883½a dull chalky blue, thin wovescarce
M411883½a dull grey-blues, thin wovecommon
M421883½a Venetian red, thin woveuncommon?
M431883½a orange-red, thin yellowish woveSG147
M44Mar? 1887½a brown-red, thin laid (Pratap)SG164
M451887½a orange-red, thin laid (Pratap)SG165
M461887½a black, thin laid (Pratap)SGO13
M471887½a vermilion, thin woveref. SM
M481889½a dull scarlet, thin white wovecommon
M491889-92½a orange, thin toned woveuncommon
M501889½a black, bright white wovecommon
M51 ?½a black Optd CANCELLED (R.), semi-pélurescarce
M52 ?½a orange-red Optd CANCELLED (Blk.), semi-pélurescarce
M53>1890½a orange (reissue), thin wovecommon
M54>1890½a dull orange (reissue), wovecommon
M551891?½a orange-buff, thin wovescarce
M561892½a tea-rose, thin bright white wovescarce
M571894½a bright blue, thin wovenonpostal
M581894½a deep ultramarine, thin wovenonpostal
N011878¼a black, used, laidEames
N02Jul 1878perfed ¼a red, laidattested?
N03Jul? 1878¼a dull vermilion, medium laidSG112
N041879¼a “red”, thick woveattested?
N051879¼a red, medium woveSG117b
N061879¼a reds, thin toned wovesSG125
N071879½a dull red, thin grey wovecommon?
N081879½a scarlet, thin toned wovecommon?
N091879½a red-orange, yellow coarse wovecommon
N10Mar-Aug? 1880¼a blue watercolor, thin bâtonnéSG130a
N111879-Apr 81¼a “reds”, thin toned woves (I)with SG125
N12<Apr 1881¼a black, thin toned woves (I)with SGO6
N13>Apr 1881¼a “reds”, thin toned woves (II)SG125
N14Apr 81-1887¼a black, thin woves (II)SGO6
N15>Apr 1881¼a black, coarse yellow wove (II)common
N161881¼a scarlet, thin toned wove (II)uncommon
N171881¼a brown-red, coarse yellow wove (II)common
N18>Apr 1881¼a dull orange, thin brittle woveuncommon
N19>Apr 1881¼a orange, thin woveSG131
N201883¼a browns, thin woveSG138-42
N211887¼a red-brown, thin laid (Pratap)SG163
N221887¼a black, thin laid (Pratap)SGO12
N231889¼a black, bright white wovecommon
N241894¼a bright green, thin wovescarce
P00Apr? 1878perfed 1a black watercolor, laidunique
P011878perfed 1a red, laidSG103
P021878perfed 1a violet, laidSG104a
P0318781a “red”, laidSG114
P0418781a brown-red, laidscarce
P0518781a dull vermilion, laidscarce
P0618781a chestnut, laidscarce
P07Sep 78-Mar 811a black, laidSGO3
P08Nov 78-Jun 82?1a dull vermilion, thick woveSG122
P091878?1a bright violet, laidscarce
P10Feb-Dec 18791a dull purple, laid (Jammu only)scarce
—10aFeb 1879 —as above in full sheetrare
P11Feb? 18791a dark slate-purple, laidSG106
P1218791a mauve, laidSG107
P1318791a black, medium woveSGO5
P1418791a reds, medium woveSG119
P1518791a scarlet-red, medium wovescarce
P161879-Apr 811a reds, thin toned woves (I)with SG127
P171880-Apr 811a black, thin toned woves (I)with SGO8
P18>Apr 18811a reds, thin toned woves (II)SG127
P19>Apr 18811a black, thin toned woves (II)SGO8
P20Apr 811a dull orange, thin brittle wovescarce
P21Apr 81-Aug 841a orange, thin toned woveSG133
P22>Apr 18811a orange-red, coarse yellow wovecommon
P2318831a “greens”, thin wovesSG148-50
P2418831a blue-green, thin wovesSG151
P251883?1a (fugitive), thin wovescommon
P261883?1a bistre, thin wovescommon
P2718871a grey-green, thin laid (Pratap)SG166
P2818871a black, thin laid (Pratap)SGO14
P2918891a black, bright white wovecommon
P30 ?1a green Optd CANCELLED (R.), semi-pélurescarce
P31 ?1a black Optd CANCELLED (R.), semi-pélurescarce
P30>18901a orange reissue, thin wovecommon
Q001878perfed 2as black watercolor, laidunique
Q0110 May 18782as black, laidSGO4
—01aMay 1878 —as above full sheet<dozen?
Q021878perfed 2as violet, laidSG104b
Q03Aug 78-Mar 792as violet-blue, laidscarce
Q0418782as dark violet, laidscarce
Q0518782as “red”, laidSG115
Q0618782as rose-red, laidrare
Q0718782as dull vermilion, thick woveSG123
Q08Dec 79-Jul 802as bright violet, laidscarce
Q091879?2as dull blue, laidSG111
Q1018792as reds, medium woveSG120
Q11Sep 79-Nov 812as reds, thin toned wove (I)with SG128
Q1218802as black, thin toned wove (I)with SGO9
Q13>Apr 18812as reds, thin toned woves (II)SG128
Q14>Apr 18812as black, thin toned wove (II)SGO9
Q1518812as black, coarse yellow wove (II)common
Q16Apr 812as dull orange, thin brittle wovescarce
Q17Apr 81-Mar 842as orange, thin toned woveSG134
Q1818832as red, yellow-green tintedSG153
Q191883?2as red, green tintedSG154
Q201883?2as red, yellow tintedSG152
Q211886?2as red, yellow coarse wovecommon
—21a ? —Optd CANCELLED (Blk.)scarce
Q2218872as black, thin laid (Pratap)SGO15
Q2318892as black, bright white wovecommon
Q24>18902as orange reissue, thin wovecommon
Q25>18902as dull orange reissue, thin wovecommon
R01?4as red, laidSG116
R01a16 Apr 1881 —earliest attestation, dull redunique
R0218804as rose-red, thin toned wovecommon
R03Nov 79-Apr 814as reds, thin toned woves (I)with SG129
R04?-Apr 814as black, thin toned woves (I)with SGO10
R05Apr 81-874as black, thin toned woves (II)SGO10
R06>Apr 814as reds, thin toned woves (II)SG129
R07Apr 81-Mar 834as dull orange, thin brittle wovescarce
R08>18834as greenscommon
—08a ? —Optd CANCELLED (R.)scarce
R09>18834as deep greencommon
R10>18834as pale greencommon
R1118874as black, thin laid (Pratap)SGO16
R1218894as black, bright white wovecommon
R13 ?4as black, Optd CANCELLED (R.)scarce
R14>18904as “reds” in reissue thin wovecommon
R15>18904as orange reissue thin wovecommon
R16>18904as dull orange reissue thin wovecommon
RS01Apr 814as+8as black, laid (II)unique
RS02Apr 814as+8as black, thin wove (II)3 known?
RS03Apr 814as+8as dull orange, thin wove (II)unique
S01Nov 79-Mar 818as reds, thin white wove (I)with SG130
S02?-Mar 818as black, thin white wove (I)with SGO17
S03Apr 18818as reds, thin white wove (II)SG130
S04Apr 18818as black, thin white wove (II)SGO17
S0518818as dull orange, thin brittle wovescarce
S0618838as blues, thin wovecommon
S0718838as violet-blue, thin wovecommon
S0818838as violet, thin wovecommon
S09Sep 18858as reds, blue-toned wovescarce
S101889?8as grey-blue water, thin laid (Pratap)SG168
S111889?8as grey-blue water, thin wove (Pratap)SG168a.
S1218878as black, thin laid (Pratap)SGO17
S13 ?8as bright blue Optd CANCELLED (R.), semi-pélurescarce
S1418898as black, bright white wovecommon
S15>18908as reds in reissue, wovescommon
S16>18908as dull orange reissue, wovescommon
T011883⅛a yellow + turmeric, thin meshed wovecommon
T021886?⅛a yellows, thin toned wovescommon
T031886?⅛a yellow-brown, thin wovescommon
T041887⅛a dull yellow, thin laid (Pratap)scarce
T051887?⅛a brownish yellow, thin laid (Pratap)scarce
T06 ?⅛a dingy yellow (fugitive pigment)common
T07 ?⅛a yellow Optd CANCELLED (R.), semi-pélurescarce
T081889⅛a yellow, bright white wovecommon

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