Official Issues

From The Postage Stamps of J&K Simplified by Dawson & Smythies, pp 32-33.

Throughout the currency of the New Rectangulars their plates were printed from in black for use on the official correspondence of the State, with the exception of the ⅛a plate, as there would, naturally, be no need for an official stamp of this value.

The official stamps made their first appearance in 1878 with the ½a, 1a, and 2a values imperforate, and the ½a perforated 10-12, all on the European white laid paper. The last named stamp is the only perforated official stamp known, and it is extremely rare, only two used copies on entires being known, both with the square black Jammu seal. All six values are known on the thin fine greyish toned wove, thin coarse yellowish toned wove, thin pure white wove, and thin creamy laid papers. There is also a rare printing of the ¼a on stout white wove paper, issued apparently between 1887 and 1890, and used only in Jammu Province.

The ¼a on the toned wove paper can be found double-printed, with the two printings overlapping in two different ways, showing that at least two sheets were thus printed twice.

Official stamps on the pure white wove paper are usually far more common than on either of the toned wove papers, except the ¼a, which is much rarer. The ¼a on thin laid paper is rather scarce, while the 2a on this paper is rare unused, and only four used copies are known. The 4a on thin laid is also rare but not nearly to the same extent. The 8a is also decidedly scarce on this paper.

The ‘unissued’ ¼a plate was also printed from in black for Service purposes, but no stamps therefrom were ever used, although they can be found postmarked. There are three paper types: thin toned wove, thin pure white wove, and thin creamy laid paper.

Hundreds of sheets of all values on the thin wove paper still exist, and the stamps are very common unused.

The Officials (all black ink)
laid paperI1878½a perf
laid paperI1878-80½a, 1a, 2a
thin toned woveI1878-80½a, 1a
medium woveI18781a
thin toned woveII1881¼a, ½a, 1a, 2a, 4a, 8a
thin white woveII1889¼a, 1a, 2a, 4a, 8a
thin laidII1887¼a, 1a, 2a, 4a, 8a
stout white woveII1889?¼a

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