Kashmir Stamp Quiz

A pop-quiz from Professor Badger. There are three questions in each section. One of them is very basic, another is a little more challenging, and a third tries to be variously vexatious. Answers at bottom of page.

Denominations of Circulars

1.1  For the item on the left, what is the denomination equivalent?
(a) 1 anna?   (b) 1 rupee?   (c) 1 paisa?   (d) none of the preceding?

1.2  For the middle item, what is the denomination equivalent?
(a) 2 paisa?   (b) 1/32 rupee?   (c) both of the preceding?   (d) none of the preceding?

1.3  For the item on the right, what is the denomination equivalent?
(a) 1 anna?   (b) 1 rupee?   (c) 1 paisa?   (d) none of the preceding?

Denominations of Rectangulars

2.1  For the item on the left, what is the denomination?
(a)  ⅛a?   (b)  ¼a?   (c)  ½a?   (d)  none of the preceding?

2.2  The denomination of the middle item?

2.3  What is the denomination equivalent of the
rectangular in this famous Leh vertical bisect?


3.1  What do the yellow inscriptions mean?
3.2  What do the blue inscriptions mean?

3.3  What does this Dogri inscription say?

What Is It?

4.1  (a) authentic watercolor?   (b) authentic oilcolor?   (c) forgery?   (d) reprint? 
4.2  (a) original watercolor?   (b) original oilcolor?   (c) forgery?   (d) reprint? 

4.3  Clarity of the impression aside, why could this oilcolor on native
paper not be an original according to received understanding?

Locations in Persian Inscription

5.1  Place-name on left image?  (a) Srinagar?   (b) Amritsar?   (c) Calcutta?   (d) Sialkot?
5.2  What is the place-name on the middle image?
5.3  Place-name on right-hand image?

Relative Scarcity

6.1  Which of these Jammu obliterators is the scarcer,
the magenta circle or the black square?

6.2  Which of these obliterators is the scarcer,
the Jammu 12-bar or the Srinagar 9-bar?

6.3  Which of the Jammu circles is the scarcer
(well, without regard to month)?


7.1  Which of these is the earlier? Laid papers both.

7.2  The red has 3 margin dots, the green has 7 margin dots.
Which of these items is the earlier?

7.3  Which of these shades of “Jammu Reds”
is the earlier printing?

Circular Date Stamps

8.1  Is this a British or Native postal marking?

8.2  What is the month on this cds?

8.3  Is this Anant Nāg, Veri Nāg, or Brobdingnāg?


9.1  What is this numeral?

9.2  What is this date shown in the item on the left?
9.2  What is this date shown in the item on the right?

Heads of State in 1866

10.1  Which Maharaja inaugurated Jammu-Kashmir postage stamps in 1866?
(a) Gulab Singh.   (b) Ranbir Singh   (c) Ranjit Singh   (d) Pratap Singh.

10.2  Which U.S. president was serving when J&K stamps were introduced?
(a) Grant   (b) Hayes   (c) Johnson   (d) Lincoln.

10.3  Which British prime-minister was serving when J&K
postage stamps were first introduced in November 1866?
(a) Derby   (b) Disraeli   (c) Gladstone   (d) Palmerson   (e) Russell.

Bonus: This detail is taken from a 9 March 1886 cover,
27 phāgun 1942. What is the month insertion here?


  1.1   (d)  The stamp is a ¼ rupee = 4 annas = 16 paise.
  1.2   (c)  The stamp is a 2 paise = ½a = 1/32 rupee.
  1.3   (a)  The hooky-stroke on the central numeral has been puddled out.

  2.1   (c)
  2.2   4 annas.
  2.3   A 1a orange-vermilion watercolor serving as ½a.

  3.1   o ~ ‘and’ on the first stamp; pāv ~ one-quarter in Persian.
  3.2   ‘Kashmir’ in Dogri and Persian on first stamp; ‘anna’ on second stamp.
  3.3   It’s an error, so technically it means nothing.

  4.1   (c) The ½a orange missing-die forgery on white wove.
  4.2   (c) The 1a black missing-die forgery on native paper.
  4.3   No original 1a black oilcolor is attested—in conventional understanding.

  5.1   dar shahr kolkata ~ to the city of Calcutta.
  5.2   Maharajganj.
  5.3   Ladākh.

  6.1   Magenta is the scarcer (but the second item so cancelled is a rarity).
  6.2   Both common, but the 12-bar more so.
  6.3   The second type is the scarcer.

  7.1   The ½a red is earlier by almost a decade; the other is a Pratap.
  7.2   The red is a late Brighton forgery.
  7.3   Left salmon-reds 1869-70; scarlet-reds ~ 1873-74.

  8.1   British marking.
  8.2   Kattik (Oct 12 - Nov 12)
  8.3   Anant Nāg. Brobdingnagians are larger.

  9.1   It’s a 5, not a 4.
  9.2   1947 samvat ~ 1890.
  9.3   1955 samvat ~ 1898.

10.1   Ranbir Singh.
10.2   Andrew Johnson.
10.3   Fallacious question, for the stamps were not first introduced in November.
          John Russell, however, was PM from March to June (that year).

Bonus:  ćait

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